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Out-of-Control “Refugee” Intake Fuels Canada’s Homeless Crisis

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Matthew Grant uses a broom to clean snow off ice fishing enclosures at a tent encampment in front of City Hall in downtown Halifax's Grand Parade square, Monday, Dec. 4, 2023.
Matthew Grant uses a broom to clean snow off ice fishing enclosures at a tent encampment in front of City Hall in downtown Halifax’s Grand Parade square, Monday, Dec. 4, 2023. Photo by Darren Calabrese /The Canadian Press

If we can’t house the, why bring them? Why bring them to cast Canadian poor and homes people out on the streets. A February 24 major article in the National Post entitled “Tent City Nation” made the following important observation: “


It’s believed that more people are sleeping rough in this country than at any point since the Great Depression. How did tent encampments suddenly become a fixture of so many of our towns and cities?

Many things happened at once, among them a pandemic. COVID-19 forced homeless shelters to impose capacity limits to reduce the spread of the infectious disease, which forced many people on the margins into tents and sheds.

Shelters were already under pressure, in part because of a substantial increase in the number of refugees using their services. The number of people seeking asylum in Canada has spiked in recent years. During the first 11 months of 2023, more than 128,000 people filed asylum claims in this country — a record number. It’s more than double the number from all of 2019, the year before the pandemic’s outbreak.

Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow, in a November letter to two federal cabinet ministers, noted that refugees then occupied 3,900 of the city’s 11,000 shelter spaces — a 50 per cent increase in just six months — while another 1,200 refugees were supported outside the shelter system. She asked the government for financial and material aid to help address what she called a “dire” situation.

“Shelters are full but demand for shelter continues to increase,” Chow wrote. “Each night, hundreds are turned away because no beds are available. While we have opened hundreds of additional spaces, including dedicated spaces for newly arrived refugees, we cannot keep pace.”

The White-Hating Wrecking Crew Want to Abolish Dundas Street

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The White-Hating Wrecking Crew Want to Abolish Dundas St.

Back in 2021 on July 14 (ironically the French Revolution’s Bastille Day), after the orgy of Black Lives Matter guilt-mongering, the ultra woke City of Toronto voted to change the name of Dundas Street, a long east-west throughfare that actually extends all the way west to London, Ontario. Dundas is also the name of a county and a city (now part of Hamilton, Ontario), a city square, and many streets and parks across Ontario.

A statement from the City explains: “Following discovery sessions with Black, Indigenous and other local community members [were any Old Stock Canadians consulted?] , extensive academic research and a review of over 400 global case studies, this decision furthers the City’s commitment to confronting anti-Black racism, advancing truth, reconciliation and justice, and building a more inclusive and equitable Toronto.” Yes, more inclusive by excluding a part of our history.

According to Wikipedia, “Henry Dundas (1742-1811) 1st Viscount Melville, PC, FRSE, styled as Lord Melville from 1802, was the trusted lieutenant of British Prime Minister William Pitt and the most powerful politician in Scotland in the late 18th century.” He was an important politician at a time of rapid growth in Upper Canada, now Ontario. While he supported abolition and even won a key legal victory to keep a runaway Jamaican slave in Britain free from being returned, his critics claim that he advocated gradual rather than immediate abolition of slavery. In 1807, the Slave Trade Act abolished slavery in Britain. Dundas’s moderate approach had got the job done. But even moderation is not enough for the White haters and self-haters.

The City of Toronto is all but broke. It needs to find $1.5-billion to balance its budget. Nevertheless, Toronto NDP Chinese Mayor Olivia Chow remains gung-ho on renaming Dundas St. and squandering $8.6-million to replace 730 signs.

Even three centrist or leftist former Toronto Mayors have spoken out against renaming Dundas Street. “In their Aug. 14 letter, Art Eggleton, David Crombie, and John Sewell, however, say there’s reason to believe that Dundas was not the person many think he was and was, in fact, a ‘committed abolitionist.’ They point to a case that Dundas took on in Scotland in 1778 where he defended an enslaved man named Joseph Knight. Their letter read that in court, Dundas said that he ‘hoped for the honour of Scotland, that the Supreme Court of this country would not be the only court that would give its sanction to so barbarous a claim. Human nature, my Lords, spurns at the thought of slavery among any part of our species.’ ‘The judges not only agreed but ended slavery completely in Scotland,’ they wrote in the three-page letter.” (CTV News, August 21, 2023)