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The Phony “Nationalism” of the Scottish Nationalist Party

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On Scottish Nationalism

February 19, 2023/2 Comments/in General/by Sam Dickson

Re the Quilette article “A Demagogue Departs,” the author overlooks one reason for the success of Scottish nationalism and the Scottish Nationalist Party, to-wit: the fact is that Scottish nationalism (unlike, say, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Russian nationalism) is supported by the worst elements of the international globalist establishment. The SNP is rumoured (probably correctly) to have enjoyed the covert support of the Soviet Union before the fall of Communism, as was the case with the IRA. The SNP was not and is not a movement of romantic Jacobites just as the marxist IRA is not a “Catholic” movement but a marxist movement replete with its own “Republican funeral” services from which God is banned. The SNP was run by Marxists as I witnessed several decades ago when several of its representatives paid a visit to Atlanta, Georgia, to chat up locals who think they are Scottish.  The “Bonnie Prince Charlie” fans met up instead with a set of gritty anti-monarchical Marxists, an encounter that ought to start even the most atrophied brain thinking. The SNP is a way to undermine not only Britain at home but Anglo-Saxons (and the majority of Scots are Lowlanders who have been speaking English since the seventh or eighth centuries) everywhere. For this reason it is adored and glowingly reported on in the pages of The NY Times.

By carrying on about now utterly irrelevant “issues” arising from things like the Battle of Culloden, the SNP has served the interests of non-European aliens by picking at the scabs of family feuds that have not the slightest relevance to the present problems facing European people in Scotland and throughout the globe. Naturally, the enemies of our religion, race, culture and civilization would want to encourage “Scottish” Nationalism especially in the form of a party that wants to welcome Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and Nigerians to Scotland but wallows in hatred of the English whom the party wants expelled. Some “nationalism” that is! Like most Americans whose family has been here for several centuries,

I am something of a “mutt” in terms of European heritage…Scottish, English, German and French in that order. But Scottish is my largest component by far and I grew up in the Church of Scotland. As a bastardized child of the Diaspora I cannot speak for real present day Scots but I can speak for myself when I say that I am not keen on Scottish nationalism. Period. I do not want to consign Milton and Shakespeare to alien status while colonizing Scotland (and America and Europe) with Third World settlers. And I certainly wish people in the Auld Country would scorn this preposterous thing calling itself “the Scottish Nationalist Party” which is determined to replace the people of Scotland with non-European aliens.

The Great Reset Dissected by Three Leading White Nationalist Thinkers

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The Great Reset Dissected by Three Leading White Nationalist Thinkers

The Great Reset: Attack on Our Living Standards, Attack on Our Freedoms in Aid of the Climate Change Hoax — Why Have Our Elites Turned Against Us with Sam Dickson, Paul Fromm & Charles Edward Lincoln —https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWZxVILxaoo

Sam Dickson, Paul Fromm & Charles Edward Lincoln Discuss Antifa & A Corrupted Justice System

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Sam Dickson, Paul Fromm & Charles Edward Lincoln Discuss Antifa & A Corrupted Justice System

Find Our Local Friends, Fight Our Global Foes: Sam Dickson in Georgia & Paul Fromm in Ontario, consider Antifa, the seldom prosecuted goons of Globalists. Why are the Canadians so much more willing to fight in the trucker convoys than the US protesters?

Rumours of War: The Threat From Red China;  Also  Critical Race Theory,  Education & A White  Ethnostate in Haiti?

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Rumours of War: The Threat From Red China;  Also  Critical Race Theory,  Education & A White  Ethnostate in Haiti?

Top Atlanta  lawyer Sam Dickson is one of the greatest advocates for the American people alive. He has given the closing address at every American Renaissance Conference. Mr. Dickson joins Paul  Fromm (Director of CAFE), William Daniel Johnson (Chairman of the American Freedom Party), and host Charles Edward Lincoln

Plus some tantalizing flashbacks to a plan by some people in the movement, in 1981, to invade Dominic to set up a pro-White government.


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Willis Carto, R.I.P.
Willis Carto died on Monday, November 26, from coronary arrest.

To him the Kingdom of Heaven.

Or as the neo-pagans in our movement might say:

“Wither takest thou me, Warrior Maiden?”

“To the War-Father. To Walhalla.”

Willis has been a fixture in our movement since the 1956 Republican Convention where he worked with a small committee opposing Eisenhower’s renomination.

His hands were everywhere in our cause.

Willis created Western Destiny, a magnificent magazine that functioned for several years. It was of impeccable quality due to the talents of its editor Wilmot Robertson who made his first appearance on the scene in that capacity.

He was the moving force behind many, many movement groups and publications:

Liberty Lobby

The Committee for American Values that led the fight against passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

The Spotlight.

The Institute for Historical Review

Youth for Wallace.

The National Youth Alliance (that later became The National Alliance).

The Barnes Review.

The American Free Press.

Willis published the immensely successful “Political Biography of LBJ” in the 1964 election. Millions of copies of this highly effective tabloid were distributed nationwide in the course of the Goldwater campaign.

As a result his organization Liberty Lobby exploded to an unprecedented size.

Willis incorporated the flood of new names into the mailing list of “Liberty Letter.” Liberty Letter had a subscriber list of over 100,000. It would focus each issue on some bill pertaining to Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society program and mobilize the public to write letters of opposition to their congressman and senators and to the members of the committee handling the proposal.

It is difficult for any such program to succeed even under the best of circumstances. Given that the Democrats achieved an over 2 to 1 numerical advantage in the House and the Senate as a result of Johnson’s landslide victory over Goldwater, it was a labor of Hercules to turn the tide around in 1965 and 1966. Nevertheless, the enormous volume of mail that Willis could put on the desk of legislators did have some effect.

Willis concentrated on the very issue that Buckley, Birch Society and Conservatism, Inc., wanted to ignore:

The repeal of the National Origins Act and the opening of our doors to non-european colonists.

It was for making defeat of the Kennedy-Cellar immigration bill the focus of Georgia Young Americans for Freedom that I was reprimanded by the national office of Young Americans for Freedom. They did not want to do anything about that issue…there were more important matters that needed our attention. Such as the Right to Work Law and the minimum wage.

Through Willis I met so many people who have been major factors in my life including, for instance, the late Louis Andrews whom I met at a Youth for Wallace meeting in Atlanta in the 1960s. Many, many activists in our cause were drawn together by Willis or the things he set in motion.
Frederick Fromm's photo.

Willis Carto & Paul Fromm at Barnes Review Conference, Austen, TX., November, 2013

I have known Willis and his beautiful German born wife Elisabeth for 50 years who was truly his helpmate and shared his devotion to the European race and its civilization. His death leaves a great void.

However, it was apparent to me in the last few meetings I had with him that Willis was becoming physically frail and there were indications that he might be entering into dementia. We can therefore be happy that he did not live on for years in physical agony and senility but has died relatively peacefully in possession of his faculties.

I am sure that all members will join me in sending a message to Willis’ widow Elisabeth of our love and sympathy that are rooted in the gratitude of conscious European Christians all over the world for a lifetime of brave and unflinching devotion to our people’s ultimate redemption and triumph.

Thanks, Willis, for all you did!

Our people at large are unaware of the debt they owe you and of the passing of someone who was their dedicated friend, brother and champion.

But we know.

I encourage all of you to send a note to Elisabeth Carto at PO Box 99, Amissville, VA 20106.

Sam Dickson
 Willis’s organizational and fundraising genius sustained so many publications and organizations. Without him there would have been no IMPERIUM by Francis Parker Yockey, no Michael Collins Piper and his dozens of hard-hitting books, no Institute for Historical Review. He was a product of the decent Midwestern American heartland and brougnht a lifelong, fearless dedication to the protection of America’s founding settler people. — Paul Fromm