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Crude Sikhs Should Be Apologizing to Canada

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Crude Sikhs Should Be Apologizing to Canada

A group of crude Sikhs has hijacked the entire Sikh group and has succeeded in getting our naive Prime Minister to announce that he will formally apologize to Sikhs in Parliament on May 18, 2016. The apology is supposedly for denying Sikhs the right to enter Canada in the Komagata Maru incident of 1914. 

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If anything should happen on May 18, crude Sikhs should apologize to Canada. Here are more reasons why : 

(1) Uninformed Sikhs refuse to recognize that Western countries had no obligation in 1914 (nor do they have in 2016) to accept the excess populations of India (as well as of China and Japan). For example, around 1900, China had around 400 million people, was overpopulated and poor and was sending workers overseas.  Japan was doing the same. Of the three countries, only Japan admitted that Canada had a right to defend itself, particularly its unemployed, from unnecessary job competition.  China was in political chaos and had little control over its workers. Ironically, China and India eventually got rid of their colonizers and re-gained their independence. In contrast, Canada, after developing a society which until the late 1970’s was the envy of many countries, has since allowed itself to be colonized by such models of civilization as China and India’s Punjab. Douglas Todd of The Vancouver Sun has described the behaviour of recent Chinese as parasitic. A large group of Sikhs has behaved in the same way.

(2) Parasitic behaviour is not the only issue. In 1985, a group of  Sikhs committed the greatest mass murder in Canadian history (329 people killed when Sikhs bombed an Air India plane).  Thanks to a culture of intimidation of witnesses, the Sikhs who committed the mass murder, have never been convicted—– in spite of Canada spending around $130 Million to prosecute them. When a Surrey Sikh publisher probed too much into the Air India bombing, he was shot, paralyzed and finally murdered. That bombing, not the 911 Muslim attacks,  caused the first mass security checks at Canadian airports. Are all the airport delays and costs of screening (some of which are now done by Sikhs !!!) that resulted from Sikh bombings to be thought of  as a benefit to Canada of immigration?  In the entire world, that Sikh bombing is second only to the 911 attacks in scale of people killed in airplane terrorism.  Furthermore, if Sikh conspirators had been successful in detonating another bomb on a plane leaving Japan, the death toll through Sikh air plane terrorism would have been even higher.  It takes enormous arrogance for some Sikhs to now pressure our government to apologize to them when this mass murder firmly placed them in the category of some of Canada’s worst immigrants. If any apology should be made, it should be crude Sikhs apologizing to Canada  

(3) The shameful story does not stop there. Not long after former Prime Minister Jean Chretien opened a new consulate in the Punjabi city of Chandigarh in 2003 as a reward to Sikhs for voting for him,  a Canadian consul official, witnessed a huge amount of fraud at that Consulate. In fact, he described the consulate as the fraud capital of all Canadian Embassies / Consulates in the world.  But Canadians don’t have to go back to PM Chretien  for precedents of  a PM corruptly “paying-off” Sikhs.  Prime Minister Trudeau recently appointed four Sikhs to his 30 member Cabinet. That means Sikhs, who represent about 1% of Canada’s population, comprise about 13% of Trudeau’s Cabinet.  The overall intention of the crudest of the Sikhs is to have Canada maintain or increase its immigration intake. Trudeau has obliged by yet another “pay-off”. For 2016, Trudeau has increased Canada’s immigration intake to over 300,000—a significant number of whom will be elderly Sikhs who will be a burden on Canada’s healthcare system. In addition, Immigration Minister John McCallum, who has ironically and wrongly stated that Canada needs high immigration because of its aging population, has stated that immigration will rise even more in 2017 !!! It is no exaggeration to say that Canada’s contingent of crude and aggressive Sikhs believe they have Trudeau on his knees and that they believe he will commit even more degrading acts for their votes. 

(4) The crude Sikh saga continues to this day in the Surrey area of Metro Vancouver. Surrey is notorious for a large number of shootings and drug trafficking offences. Young Sikhs have long been disproportionately represented in this criminal activity. Politicians say that they need more police, but the real answer is that Surrey needs less crude Sikh (and Somali) immigration. 

(5) And that’s not the end of the story. The Sikhs have used intimidation to get exemptions for wearing a turban and carrying a kirpan. They know that a turban is not compulsory in their religion, yet they have duped many Canadians into believing it is. Similar intimidation / aggressive demands have resulted in Sikhs being allowed to carry a knife (the kirpan) into Parliament, other legislatures and public places. Recently, a Quebec high school student was expelled for having a jackknife in his backpack. He had used the knife to do his farm chores. Meanwhile, other Sikh students carry kirpans to school every day and go unchallenged. 

(6) When Canada seeks to get rid of Sikh law violators, crude Sikhs rise to the occasion. Canadians should recall the case of  Laibar Singh, a Sikh who had made a fraudulent refugee claim and been ordered deported. On the day scheduled for his deportation, hundreds of Sikhs demonstrated at the Vancouver Airport and intimidated enforcement officers into abandoning their efforts to deport this man. Canada eventually succeeded in getting rid of Laibar Singh, but not before having to put up with this disgraceful and shameless display of Sikhs championing fraud. That display has been accompanied by a disproportionate amount of other refugee fraud and marriage fraud—-all of which demonstrate that crude Sikhs have outright contempt for Canada and that they have become so emboldened that they believe they can get away not just with mass murder, but almost anything. 

(7) The economic damage that many Canadians have suffered from unnecessary Sikh and other ethnic immigration is huge. For example, low-wage Sikh truck drivers have forced most Canadians out of the trucking industry in British Columbia. When the Sikhs later discovered that they could not live on the undercut wages they received, they staged a lengthy strike which cost the Port of Vancouver millions of dollars. By cheating, Sikhs have also taken over much of the detached house construction industry in B.C.  According to former Sikh MP Ujjal Dosanjh, “Several years ago a report on the front page of the Vancouver Sun stated that close to a billion dollars of unaccounted and undeclared money was circulating in the construction industry in Surrey. Such massive fraud did not elicit even a peep from the usually loud public voices. It was well-known that almost all of the residential and a portion of the commercial construction was in the hands of Indo-Canadians. Complete silence reigned in the political sphere.”.The “Indo-Canadians” Dosanjh referred to were crude  Sikhs. Like other Asian immigrants, the Sikhs have compounded the problem of unnecessary immigration by pressuring government and private industry to give hiring preference to Sikhs and other Asians. 

We repeat : Canada’s Sikh population has been hijacked by a crude, grasping element which is exploiting Canada. It is long overdue for PM Trudeau and all of our other politicians to give this crude collection the back of their hands, investigate them, put them behind bars or deport them. 

We repeat : The skepticism Canadians felt toward aggressive Sikh migrants on the Komagata Maru in 1914 has been shown to have been justified. Sikhs should be apologizing to Canada. Canada should never apologize to them. — IMMIGRATION WATCH CANADA


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