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Parting Ways: Jewish Father and his Antifa Brainchild

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Parting Ways: Jewish Father and his Antifa Brainchild

November 12, 2023/21 Comments/in Featured Articles/by Tom Sunic, Ph.D.

The hero Cadmus and his wife the goddess Harmonia turned into a snake. Illustration for Ovid’s Metamorphoses 1619.

The Israeli invasion of Gaza is yet another proof that history knows no end and that the line between friend and foe always needs to be redrawn anew. Following the Israeli incursion in Gaza, not only the founding year of the state of Israel needs to be reexamined but the whole post-World War II antifascist narrative is in need of historical reassessment. The wise proverb “beware of what you wish for” now befits countless Jewish opinion makers and their Gentile left-leaning fellow travelers forced into an embarrassing process of disavowing their Antifa-BLM-multikulti-SJW brainchildren. The war in Gaza has finally announced the predictable albeit long-awaited demise of the Left with the Jews becoming time and again the first victims of their own ideological concoction. All over Europe and America, let alone in the Muslim world, there is a growing, often irrational hatred of Israel and, by proxy, hatred of all Jews. In his archetypical Jewish angst-inspired piece, Alan Dershowitz summarizes that “[n]o self-respecting Jew should give a penny to any organization that has turned against Israel and supported Hamas.” While slamming antifa and leftist pro-Palestinian activists staging anti-Israel demonstrations in the US and EU, Dershowitz forgets to add that in the past his criticism of the Left never featured on his list of judicial ire. And with reason. Over the last century the Left and its multicolored antifa activists have served as a battering ram for the Jews; now, the Left is becoming their mortal enemy.

Panic mode is also setting in across the chancelleries in the EU. This is particularly true for the German post-World War II guilt-ridden penitence-prone governments ceaselessly reiterating, year after year, decade after decade, 24/7 that “Israel’s security is Germany’s raison d’état” (Israels Sicherheit ist deutsche Staatsräson). How can, therefore, the German ruling class endear itself to millions of non-European, mostly Muslim newcomers and at the same time punish them for shouting anti-Jewish or anti-Israel slogans against the foremost military power in the Middle East? Millions of second-generation Muslim migrants, along with domestic leftist militants, after having been pampered for decades by the US/EU System, are now openly taunting the System and its super-ego: the State of Israel. What comes to mind is the allegory of the broom in the poem The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Wolfgang J. Goethe. The magic broom was originally designed by the Master Blaster to keep away all the evils of the world. Alas, the broom, if overindulged, sparks hubris or chutzpah in its user, putting his own life in grave danger.

Can I never, Broom, appease you? / I will seize you / Hold and whack you/
And your ancient wood / I’ll sever / With a whetted axe I’ll crack you.

When staging protests against Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, leftist sorcerers’ apprentices abide unknowingly by the canons of their early Jewish antifascist sponsors. They like to regurgitate words “racists,” “Nazis,” “fascists” against Israel and Jewish organizations throughout the world, forgetting that those words were first launched by the Frankfurt School, and relaundered after World War II by the ADL, SPLC, the French CRIF and the German AAS into demonizing labels designed for individuals critical of the Jewish role in the US and Europe.

There are thousands of books and titles that examine in detail Jewish socio-political behavior, focusing on proverbial Jewish hubris and how it affects Jewish politicians and academics in their overreach, causing time and again unnecessary disaster for their own physical survival. TOO has extensively covered this never-ending topic, even by retrieving and translating sources that were banned or removed from university libraries following World War II.

The Ancients viewed hubris as an affront to the gods, with the worst crime committed by the hero when he transgresses the natural order. Western literature is replete with figures of gods, mortals and demi-gods whose disobedience of the natural order resulted in their eternal punishment, or their transformation into non-human species, such as plants or wild beasts, as was well described by the Latin poet Ovid in his long poem The Metamorphoses. The chained Prometheus is first on the list of shame after having derided Zeus’ commandments, although there are thousands more real and surreal mythical figures such as Tantalus or Sisyphus who tried to upstage Zeus by literally biting off more than they could chew. Accordingly, they had to pay a very heavy price for their arrogance. One must also add Apollo, the prime European god of physical beauty and cultured manliness, whose uncontrolled sexual appetite for the fleeing nymph Daphne resulted in his becoming a laurel tree.

Verus Israel vs. viral Gentiles

On a secular and political level each politician, either consciously or more often subconsciously, strives to become the master of the universe, especially if Fortuna, the goddess of sheer luck, favors his ambitions for an extended stretch of time. But the goddess Fortuna can backfire and morph into the goddess Nemesis. There is a vast literature on how Jews, with their history of self-appointed choseness, have unavoidably created enemies in practically every corner of the world. Their drive to overreach themselves in their effort to change the world has always yielded opposite and ugly results.

But why blame the Jews for their chutzpah if millions of Christians worldwide strive to “outjew” the Jews by claiming to be the only verus [true] Israel ? A case in point are American Christian Zionists, who claim to be the only true successors to Jews, although Christians in Europe are not lagging much behind with their pro-Jewish adulation. In a more contemporary military context, why criticize the Israeli Defense Force for bombing Gaza while leaving out their Gentile Double in the US who fully endorses and weaponizes Israeli ambitions in the region? One could draw a parallel with the World War II Western Allied firebombing of Germany, an analogy that may come in handy for many conservative crypto-antisemites as well as a multitude of antifa virtue signalers feigning sympathy for the Palestinians. In hindsight, the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza seems to be minor childplay when compared to the inferno German civilians went through during Roosevelt’s and Churchill’s “moral bombing” campaigns from 1940–45. The current Israeli government is merely following the Allied World War II script.

It remains a mystery that so many gentiles have always been fervent supporters of Jewish dialectics, from Moses to Marx. More shocking is the fact that many high-IQ White intellectuals, professors and academics were enamored for a good part of the twentieth century with a Jewish-inspired Freudo-Marxian mystique — only to ditch it relatively recently as a redundant and silly doctrine, replacing it with the equally destructive political theology of liberalism. It is equally incomprehensible that out of hundreds of different cults and sects in first-century pagan Rome, Gentiles accepted the teachings of a small and obscure desert people. Worse still has been the self-destructive nature of Jewish world-improving egalitarian proto-communist doctrines — not just for non-Jews but also for the Jews themselves. The Jews gave birth to Christians, — the “Bolshevism of Antiquity” — only to experience persecutions soon thereafter by the very same Christians. One of the first measures of the first Christian Roman emperor Constantine was to declare Jews a dangerous sect, “secta nefaria,” with imperial and papal successors subsequently enacting a variety of anti-Jewish laws. Two millennia later, Jews played a disproportionate role in the Bolshevik movement — only to become its first victims. Practically all high-level communist officials were of Jewish origin, especially among the upper ranks of the early Soviet terror machine. Dora Kaplan, Grigory Zinoviev, Genrikh Yagoda, Leon Trotsky, Lev Kamenev and thousands other Bolsheviks of Jewish extraction, were executed by their own comrades.

That good can metastasize into evil —but also the other way around — is further shown by the examples of Jews who turned from being ardent Marxists and communist sympathizers into the best theoreticians of anticommunism. Some of the finest books critical of communist totalitarianism and the warped mindset of the “Soviet man” (Homo sovieticus) were written by former Jewish communists or Jewish academics, as well as hidden sympathizers of the Bolshevik revolution (Jacob Talmon, Boris Souvarine, Arthur Koestler, Mikhail Heller, Aleksandr Nekrich, Alain Besançon). It suffices to say that during the last years of the Cold War, the prominent US neoconservative magazine Commentary, run by the American Jew Norman Podhoretz, carried very good pieces on the communist pathology.

Along the primordial lines of Ovidian opportunistic metamorphoses, it is to be expected that in the months to come, many Jewish opinion makers in the US and EU will turn into ardent critics of their leftist-antifa brainchildren. Criticism of non-European, mostly Muslim mass migrations to Europe, along with open public disapproval of the leftist woke palaver on “diversity,” “inclusion,” equity, and multiculturalism will soon become a welcomed item in public discourse, no longer subjected to punitive legal harassment. The aftermath of the Israeli military engagement in Gaza will likely provoke uncontrolled rage among 50 million EU and Balkan Muslims, thus providing a solid pool for a multitude of Islamic terrorist attacks all over European capitals. The end result will come as a golden gift for the Israelis and many EU-based Jews, helping them smooth over and neuter a bad press that Israel and Jews have been getting lately. The anti-Muslim drive will be gladly swallowed by many White nationalists, who will finally be able to openly vent their antiimmigration sentiments by cloaking them under their ersatz pro-Israeli identity. Self-declared conservative politicians  adulated by rightwing and nationalist figures in the US and EU, such as Donald Trump, his Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orban, along with their big-time fans and sidekicks in France, Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour, are already taking the pro-Israeli, anti-Muslim lead.

Hungary challenges UN plan to facilitate global mass migration

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Hungary challenges UN plan to facilitate global mass migration

Presenting a “security first” proposal to the United Nations (UN), Hungary has announced it is “ready to fight” the globalist body over plans to promote mass migration.

Hungary’s leader Viktor Orban has also stood against George Soros, calling for a European “patriotic alliance” to fight Soros and save Europe from Islamization.

Years ago, Orban rightly stated that Europe was in a “grip of madness” and warned that its “Christian identity” was threatened. Orban has not budged in his stand against mass Muslim migration. Now he is standing against the UN’s “no borders plan,” which is sure to be a tough fight, given the UN’s alliance with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation — which aims to Islamize the globe.

“Hungary Challenges United Nations Plan to Facilitate Global Mass Migration,” by Virginia Hale, Breitbart, March 5, 2018:

Presenting a “security first” proposal to the United Nations (UN), Hungary has announced it is “ready to fight” the globalist body over plans to promote mass migration.

The country’s conservative government submitted the 12-point proposal in response to the “dangerous” so-called Global Compact for Migration, which was described by President Donald J. Trump as a “no borders plan” when he withdrew the U.S. from talks in December.

Announcing the proposal in Budapest, Foreign Secretary Peter Szijjártó warned: “If these 12 points, in which the Government summarises its position, are not included in the package, Hungary will not be in a position to support the adoption of the Compact.

“The goal of the proposal is to ensure that the security of the Hungarian people can continue to be guaranteed in future,” he said, declaring that “the Government and the governing parties are ready to fight this battle”.

Entitled “Security First”, Hungary’s document begins by challenging the key claim on which the UN package was built — that mass migration is both beneficial and unstoppable — noting events in recent years have shown the process has “caused serious security challenges in many regions of the world”…..

‘The Soros Plan’: Hungary Rejects Brussels Court Demand For Forced Mass Migration

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The Soros Plan’: Hungary Rejects Brussels Court Demand For Forced Mass Migration

Hungary and Slovakia must take migrants from the third world, the Advocate General of Brussels’ top court said Wednesday, advising judges dismiss their case challenging the mandatory relocation scheme.

The Visegrad nations argue that the European Union (EU) acted beyond its powers with the binding decision to redistribute 120,000 migrants currently living in Italy and Greece across the bloc  — a move intended to take pressure off the nations most affected by floods of arrivals.

But, in his opinion published today, Advocate General of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) Yves Bot unequivocally stated that judges at the ECJ “should dismiss the actions brought by Slovakia and Hungary.”

The French official said that EU treaties allow the adoption of such measures in situations identified as emergencies, and stated that the migrant quota scheme was “appropriate for attaining the objective which it pursues”.

He also rejected the arguments by Hungary and Slovakia that the plan should have been approved unanimously by EU countries, instead of being agreed by a qualified majority.

But Hungary has angrily rejected the demand, stating in forcing mass migration on unwilling European peoples was conformity with open borders advocate and billionaire funder George Soros’ plan for the continent.

Dr Zoltán Kovács , lead spokesman for the office of Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán, told Breitbart London: “we consider trying to enforce a decision that clearly was trying to go around the normal way of decision-making not simply unlawful but also dangerous to the order and security of Europe”.

Major speech by Hungarian PM Orban in Romania… http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/07/22/orban-europe-must-regain-sovereignty-soros-empire-build-border-wall-stop-muslimized-europe/ 

Photo published for Orban: 'Europe Must Regain Sovereignty From The Soros Empire', Build Border Wall to Stop 'Muslimi...

Orban: ‘Europe Must Regain Sovereignty From The Soros Empire’, Build Border Wall to Stop ‘Muslimi…

Orban: ‘Europe Must Regain Sovereignty From The Soros Empire’, Build Border Wall to Stop ‘Muslimized Europe’

He added that, in the Hungarian government’s view, “it is unacceptable and untenable that the EU continues to follow a path that has already failed”.

Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó also slammed the EU court’s advice, saying it “fully matches the process known as the Soros plan.”

He said:

Following George Soros’s reception in Brussels with the pomp and ceremony usually only reserved for heads of state, every European institution has interestingly placed even greater pressure on Hungary and the countries of Central Europe to allow in illegal immigrants. We do not want to accept illegal immigrants, we will wait for the Court’s’ decision.

We continue to interpret the decision on the mandatory resettlement quota as a decision that contravenes European law; a decision of this nature cannot be used to remove any member state’s right to decide for itself to whom it will allow entry to its territory and to whom it will not. The European treaties clearly state that this right cannot be taken away.

The decision also goes against common sense, because it only serves to further encourage illegal immigration in view of the fact that it is seen as an invitation by those who would like to set out for Europe in search of a better life, and also by people smugglers, who can use the fact to convince people that it is worthwhile setting off for Europe.

The primary task, duty and responsibility of Hungary’s Government is to protect the security of the country and of the people of Hungary, and accordingly it will continue to do everything in its power to ensure that illegal immigrants cannot come here.

The ECJ ruling is expected later this year. While the court is not obliged to follow the advice, most Luxembourg judges follow the recommendations of their Advocate General.

Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and the Czech Republic voted against the measure in 2015 and have since been backed by Poland in their opposition to having Brussels force migrants from Africa and the Middle East on unwilling nations.

Slamming the scheme, on Tuesday Czech Secretary for EU Affairs Aleš Chmelař told EURACTIV that the EU must secure the continent’s borders before demanding nations welcome quotas of what could be an effectively endless influx of people from the third world.

Last month the European Commission launched legal proceedings against Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic for refusing to take part in the scheme to redistribute migrants.