The Woke Wrecking Crew Are Tearing Down Our Culture

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The Woke Wrecking Crew Are Tearing Down Our Culture

Continuing on the need to push back, I want to make you aware that Anarchists are trying to get our historical monuments and statues taken down.

Up until now there have been several instances where our statues have been vandalized, damaged or taken down. 

At Queen’s Park in Toronto they have vandalized the John A. Macdonald statue which resulted in having it concealed with boards and more recently they have decided to board up the statue at the North-West Rebellion Monument.

John A. Macdonald statue

North-West Rebellion statue behind me here.

If anyone feels strongly about the preservation of our heritage please contact TED ARNOTT telling him to unveil the statues from plywood and have sescurity guards protect them.


Queen’s Park Office                                                            Room 420, Legislative Building, Toronto, ON M7A 1A8


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Gus Stefanis
Canadian Nationalist Party