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Demography is Destiny: Steve King tweet backing Geert Wilders sparks social media backlash” –

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Steve King tweet backing Geert Wilders sparks social media backlash

Geert Wilders (left) listens as Republican Steve King (centre) speaks during a press conference in Washington DC, 30 April 2015Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionSteve King (centre) met Geert Wilders (left) in 2015 in Washington

Senior Republican congressman Steve King has sparked a backlash on social media after tweeting his support for the Dutch anti-Islam politician, Geert Wilders.

“Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny,” Mr King wrote on Twitter.

“We can’t restore our civilisation with somebody else’s babies,” he added.

The US Republican representative of Iowa defended his comments on Monday, saying he “meant exactly what he said”.

“It’s a clear message,” he told CNN’s New Day programme.

“We need to get our birth rates up or Europe will be entirely transformed within a half century or a little more. And Geert Wilders knows that and that’s part of his campaign and part of his agenda.”

Steve King tweetImage copyrightTWITTER
Image captionSteve King (L) pictured with Geert Wilders (r) in a tweet from September 2016

He would like to see “an America that’s just so homogenous that we look a lot the same, from that perspective”, he continued.

Mr King is a strong advocate of putting a stop to birthright citizenship.

All children born in the US currently get citizenship under the constitution, including the children of families living in America illegally.

Mr King has pushed for radical reform of the interpretation of the 14th amendment of the US constitution so that it no longer gives the children of undocumented migrants the right to a US passport.

Silence from Republicans – by Anthony Zurcher, BBC News, Washington

It seems Donald Trump is not the only politician who can bring social media to a screeching halt with an inflammatory tweet. Congressman Steve King has a history of walking on the edge of white nationalist rhetoric, and on Sunday afternoon he once again hit the hornet’s nest, perhaps in his most direct manner yet.

The outrage from Democratic politicians and commentators across the political spectrum was quick, ferocious and entirely expected. The bluntness of Mr King’s message, the talk of “our destiny” and “other people’s babies”, ensured a vigorous response.

Of greater interest will be how Republican officeholders handle the controversy. So far they have remained silent. That may be increasingly difficult, as this is yet another indication of the growing bonds between the Trump wing of the Republican Party and white nationalist movements in Europe.

Breitbart, the conservative media outlet recently headed by White House senior advisor Steve Bannon, often sings the praises of Mr Wilders, as well as France’s Marine Le Pen and Frauke Petry, leader of the Alternative for Germany Party.

Mr Bannon has predicted the coming of a new “alt-right” order that will disrupt politics across the West. The question is whether establishment Republicans stay along for the ride.

America’s extremist battle: antifa v alt-right

Who is Donald Trump’s chief strategist?

Mr King’s comments in support of Mr Wilders on Sunday led to accusations that he was “openly peddling white nationalism”.

His post was retweeted by the former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke, with the words “sanity reigns supreme”.

Mr Duke later tweeted: “God bless Steve King.”

David Duke:

But many were quick to denounce Mr King, including US President Bill Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, who described the Republican’s comments as “painful”.

Chelsea Clinton writes on Twitter:

The spokeswoman for Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan said Mr Ryan “clearly disagrees and believes America’s long history of inclusiveness is one of its great strengths”.

Republican and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush also condemned his remarks.

Jeb Bush tweets: Image copyrightTWITTER
Former independent presidential candidate writes:
Twitter user Dan Pfeiffer writes:
Twitter user Reid Ribble writes:

Speaking to the BBC’s Adam Smith last year, Mr King said that “millions” of people were expected to enter the US “illegally and unlawfully” in the years to come, with “a birth rate that exceeds that of the American citizen by a factor of two or more”.

“That their children would all be citizens would be beyond the pale of the imagination of the people who ratified the 14th amendment,” he said.

Mr Wilders, whose populist Freedom Party is expected to do well in Dutch parliamentary elections on Wednesday, has been under 24-hour police protection for more than a decade due to death threats.

He was found guilty of hate speech over his promise to reduce the number of Moroccans in the country last year but no penalty was imposed.

Steve King’s controversial remarks

On ‘subgroups’

“This whole ‘old white people’ business does get a little tired, Charlie. I’d ask you to go back through history and figure out where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people that you are talking about? Where did any other subgroup of people contribute more to civilisation?” – on MSNBC, July 2016

On undocumented immigrants

“For everyone who’s a valedictorian, there’s another 100 out there that, they weigh 130lb and they’ve got calves the size of cantaloupes because they’re hauling 75lb of marijuana across the desert.” – 2013

On black men

“You know that statistically the greatest danger to a black man in America is another black man.” – to Buzzfeed in July 2016

On lawnmowers

“I had a strong, Christian lawyer tell me yesterday that, under this decision (gay marriage legalisation) that he has read, what it brings about is it only requires one human being in this relationship – that you could marry your lawnmower with this decision. I think he’s right.” – to Dickinson County News in July 2015

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They Are Not “Migrants” or “Undocumented Aliens”; They Are Criminals, Justin!

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sneaking into a country

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Trump is Right About Illegals, Crime & Lax Enforcement

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Trump is Right About Illegals, Crime & Lax Enforcement

You may find this hard to believe… This is (was) the Obama administration. This is why Trump’s platform about illegal immigration is resonating with so many Americans. Watch this and pass it on, only 3½ minutes. It’s dated 4/28/2016 This is staggering. Absolutely unbelievable. And it gets NO press. Chairman Chaffetz Opener – Criminal Aliens Released by the Department of Homeland Security 4/28/2016.

‘TORONTO 18’ Muslim terrorist will regain his Canadian citizenship under new legislation introduced by Trudeau leftists !

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‘TORONTO 18’ Muslim terrorist will regain his Canadian citizenship under new legislation introduced by Trudeau leftists !

The Muslim leader of an al Qaeda-inspired plot to explode truck bombs in downtown Toronto during the morning rush hour will have his Canadian citizenship reinstated under legislation introduced by the Liberals.

Toronto Sun  (h/t Sue K) Zakaria Amara, born in Jordan and raised in Saudi Arabia before coming to Canada in 1997, is a convicted terrorist, serving a life sentence for his role in a plot to murder scores of Canadians. And now, thanks to a new liberal government bill passed through the Senate this week, Amara will soon be given the privilege of keeping his acquired Canadian citizenship.

Under the Stephen Harper government, Amara had his Canadian citizenship revoked and was set to be deported the moment he was released from prison. But things have changed under Justin Trudeau.

National Post  The proposed law tabled in the House of Commons, Bill C-6, contains a provision that would restore the citizenship of any convicted terrorists who lost it as a result of changes brought in by the previous Conservative government. Effectively, the bill means the Liberals will be returning citizenship to Zakaria Amara, ringleader of the Toronto 18 terror group, which planned al-Qaeda-style violence in southern Ontario to push Canada to abandon Afghanistan

His recruits trained on a property north of Toronto for attacks they thought would terrorize Canadians into leaving Afghanistan. “His need to attempt terrorist acts may have included his determined need to follow through on commitments of Muslim loyalty,” the judge wrote in his sentencing decision. Amara was imprisoned for life but is eligible for parole this year.

The faction led by Amara built detonators and acquired explosive materials for large truck bombs that were to be detonated in 2006 near the Toronto Stock Exchange and CN Tower. An Ontario military base was also to be attacked.

After hearing the case, Justice Bruce Durno called the scheme “spine chilling” and said “the potential for loss of life existed on a scale never before seen in Canada. … Had the plan been implemented it would have changed the lives of many, if not all Canadians forever.”

Trudeau said during the 2015 election campaign that he believes “terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship.” And now he’s keeping good on that pledge.

Trudeau’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen told the Senate that the Liberal government had already initiated the process to restore citizenship to the convicted terrorist.



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The people of Rutland, Vermont, have gained a measure of revenge against former President Obama’s forced influx of Syrian refugees, voting out the five-term mayor who helped negotiate the controversial resettlements with a federal contractor.

Rutland is Vermont’s third-largest city but still very small, with a population of 16,500.

The candidacy of Mayor Christopher Louras went down in flames in Tuesday’s election as he was defeated by the refugee program’s most ardent opponent on the board of aldermen. David Allaire won with 52 percent of the vote to 34 percent for Louras.

“That’s not just a win, that’s a drubbing,” said Don Chioffi, an activist who supported the upstart candidate Allaire.

Rutland mayor Chris Louras

Louras came out last April and “announced,” much to the surprise of his residents, that the city would be taking in up to 100 Syrian refugees in fiscal 2017 along with others from Iraq. The announcement divided the city among those who wanted to welcome the refugees – no questions asked – and those who thought the refugee program was being dictated without any local input and with very little information. Protests and counter-protests were organized, attracting national media attention.

Unfazed by the division it caused in Rutland, a State Department contractor opened an office and started placing Syrians into the community.

More than 98 percent of Syrian refugees are Sunni Muslim while about 75 percent of Iraqi refugees are either Sunni or Shiite, and they’re just now starting to show up in a small town that doesn’t have a single mosque.

On Tuesday, Louras paid a price for his role in inviting the refugees to Rutland.

City Councilor David Allaire won a four-way race for mayor, stopping Louras from gaining a sixth term.

Both Rutland and Rutland County went for Clinton in the November presidential election, with Clinton winning in a landslide in the city but more narrowly in the county with 13,635 votes to Trump’s 12,479.

Local activist Don Chioffi, an ACT for America chapter leader in Rutland, said Allaire got no help from the local media. But supporters bypassed the newspapers and TV stations by using social media, meetings and a conservative radio host to get their message out.

“The people we talk to always react positively, but you would never know that from the media coverage we get,” Chioffi told WND.

“In their sacrilegious and diabolical effort to squelch the truth, they won’t put it out there, so it’s hard to emphasize how important this victory is because the leftist media just doesn’t give you a fair shake, and we went into it expecting that. We knew we wouldn’t get a fair shake.”

Mayor Louras had negotiated an unpopular refugee deal behind closed doors with the United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. USCRI is one of nine exclusive contractors that get paid by the U.S. State Department for every refugee they place into U.S. cities and towns.

USCRI’s budget is funded 97 percent by federal taxpayer dollars, according to its 2014 IRS form 990.

Watch local TV coverage of Rutland’s surprise election blow-back against refugee resettlement:


All Cultures Are Equal? — Meet HIV-positive man called ‘Hyena’ who gets paid to rape teenage girls

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Meet HIV-positive man called ‘Hyena’ who gets paid to rape teenage girls


THIS is the face of Eric Aniva. The married man, who gets paid to rape girls who reach puberty in the African country of Malawi.

The HIV-infected man is known by locals as the ‘Hyena’ – and he gets paid by village elders to have sex with harmless girls in southern Malawi.

Aniva the Malawi hyena who rapes girls for cashBBCROOT: Aniva poses with a plant which he drinks before attacking the girl
His main duty however, is raping adolescent girls over a three-day stint as part of a sick coming-of-age ritual which takes place when girls first have their period.And backward Aniva told the BBC that some of the girls he had sex with were just 12 years old.He said: “Most of those I have slept with are girls, school-going girls.

“Some girls are just 12 or 13 years old, but I prefer them older. All these girls find pleasure in having me as their hyena.”

Aniva the Malawian rapist who is paid to attack girlsBBCHORRIFYING: Aniva attacks girls who are sometimes as young as 12
Twisted Aniva says that spreading the deadly HIV disease – which effects one in 10 Malawians – makes girls in his village “proud.””They actually are proud,” he said.“[The girls] tell other people that this man is a real man, he knows how to please a woman.”

Aniva – the hyena girl rapist infected with HIV

His disturbing profession receives approval from village chiefs.

One elder said: “We have to train our girls in a good manner in the village, so that they don’t go astray, are good wives so that the husband is satisfied.”

According to expert Father Clause Boucher, a French-born Catholic priest who’s lived in the country for over half a century, the sick tradition is dying.

He told the BBC it was only rarely practiced in remote areas of the country and never in large cities or towns.








Richard Spencer: The Trump Phenomenon — Stand Up & Do Not Lose Heart

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Richard Spencer: The Trump Phenomenon — Stand Up & Do Not Lose Heart


For the edification of Caucasian men & women who are aware of the plan for their ethnic cleansing via mass immigration from the lands their forefathers established and built:
Stand up, and do not lose heart…


Could this vehicle be on its way to Manitoba?

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Could this vehicle be on its way to Manitoba?



Trudeau’s Islamophilia Puts Canadians at Risk

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Trudeau’s Islamophilia Puts Canadians at Risk



Trudeau Preferred to Schmooze at A Peterborough Mosque When 6 Canadians Were Slaughtered by Islamic Terrorists in Furkina Faso

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Trudeau Preferred to Schmooze at A Peterborough Mosque When 6 Canadian Christians Were Slaughtered by Islamic Terrorists in Furkina Faso, in January, 2016


trudeau and burkina faso


Trudeau is an Islamophile